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OLCT 700/710

Oldham Model Series OLCT 700/710 industrial gas detection sensors are a new generation of intelligent sensor modules that incorporate and integrate several leading edge improvements. The sensors are specifically designed for harsh and extreme locations. This new and superior level of environmental durability in sensor design includes an electropolished 316 stainless steel housing, multi-layered transient spike protection circuitry and 100% encapsulated electronics.


Gas Detector – Compendium 

A gas detector is a device that is designed for tracing a wide variety of gases. According to the domain they are used in there are Gas Detectors for measuring explosive gases, Gas Detectors for toxic gases, Gas Detectors for measuring oxygen concentrations or there are Gas Detectors with multiple measuring channels, called a multi gas detector capable of measuring all three types of gas mentioned above (explosive, toxic and oxygen). 

Regarding the interest area classification, there are Gas Detectors used in labor protection purposes, in order to warn the user in a timely manner regarding explosion, intoxication or asphyxiation dangers. There are Gas Detectors used by the competent bodies to execute measurements for environmental purposes, these Gas Detectors being able to measure different types of gaseous pollutants, even when present in very small concentrations in the atmosphere. There are also Gas Detectors used for measuring micro leaks from over or underground pipes that belong to the natural gas distributors. These types of Gas Detectors are also called leak detectors. 

A Gas Detector can also be classified regarding the constructive version. Thus, there are portable Gas Detectors, fixed Gas Detectors or transportable Gas Detectors (gas measurement auto lab). According to the used technologies for measuring gases, there are diffusion principle Gas Detectors, catharometric principle Gas Detectors, infrared absorption principle Gas Detectors, electrochemical principle Gas Detectors, semiconductor Gas Detectors, laser absorption principle Gas Detectors, photoionization principle Gas Detectors etc.

Gas analyzers that are specialized in high precision Biogas and Landfill Gas measurements, Flare Gas, Calorific Power Calculations, etc.